Design Services

System Design and Integration Services

Applied Integration has completed designs in Digital Video, Wireless Communications, Computer Graphics, Test Simulators and Digital Signal Processing technologies.  Using a wide variety of in house CAD tools, we offer a complete ASIC Design Printed Circuit Board Layout and Packaging Design and Documentation capability.  We bring together all hardware and software elements of user systems; which includes full environmental testing, application software, drivers and utilities in a broad variety of languages.  

Computer and Electronic Design Services

Applied Integration has the capabilities to provide product development, system integration, technical documentation support and electronic fabrication.  We have custom designed a wide variety of systems.  These include: Digital Video Recording and Transmission equipment, Embedded Digital Signal Processor systems, PCI bus peripherals, VMEbus Processors, Peripherals and Systems, PC104 Bus Video Peripherals, and other circuit boards to user-specification. 

Wireless Communications Technologies

Applied Integration has the tools and experience necessary tor developing and manufacture wireless communications products that range in operating frequency from 10 KHz to 10 GHz.  Modulation methods can range from Continuous Wave (CW) through Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS).  

Information Technologies Services

Information Technology design and services skills and experience gained through the design and development of Internet hardware and software.  Our capabilities include the design of Internet appliances. Both hardware and software for ethernet, with tcpip protocol.  Applied Integration Corporation provides Wireless Internet Access, E-mail Services and Web Hosting to its customers in the Tucson area.    

Software Development Capabilities

The development staff at Applied Integration Corporation brings together a wide range of successful software development experience.



Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Capabilities

We provide a wide range of manufacturing services in our turnkey shop. Our capabilities range from individual circuit assemblies to complete system assemblies. We have the equipment and capabilities to perform environmental and performance testing on all finished products in our own facility.

    Project Management

Applied Integration Corporation coordinates and links aspects of the manufacturing information requirements, from quoting through scheduling, procedures, accounting and inventory.  This ensures flawless project and capacity management regardless of size, complexity or dynamic schedule changes. The management information system the is used by Applied Integration Corporation provides Quality On Line Reporting and lot traceability to our customers.

    Quality Control

Applied Integration Corporation utilizes a Quality Assurance program combining operator responsibility with state-of-the-art quality control tools, to include:

Component Verification and Receiving Inspection Systems

A bill of material design review is provided prior to loading information into our integrated planning system.  During prototyping and production, material flow of raw materials, electrical components and hardware are monitored through a Quality Inspection Plan developed by our component engineering team.  This component validation process ensures an  interrupted supply chain for your products.

    Process Control

We employ extensive types of control in our process lines.  A visual inspection is specified a crucial points within the manufacturing process. Manufacturing equipment is subject to regular maintenance and calibration.  Manufacturing supplies and materials such as solders, Flux, and cleaning material are checked for quality.

    Assembly Test and Verification

Complete electrical and mechanical and environmental testing is available in assuring the highest quality product to our customer.

    Extensive Quality Control Processes

Our end of the line quality control processes include a separate and independent product specific Quality Assurance audit, Certificate of Compliance capability as required, and Quality Engineering disposition with customer concurrence in the event an off-spec or product waiver is practical.  To further monitor and appraise product performance we provide supplier on-site engineering reps.


Rev level control and rejected material controls meet ISO requirements, We have the ability to lot control materials.  Written documentation specifying fabrication procedures and inspection criteria.  Inspection records are maintained as specified by the customer

    Automated Assembly

Our automated circuit board manufacturing equipment supports precision surface-mount assembly 0402 discrete packages, 15 mil-pitch parts, and BGAs.  With our 1200 square feet of manufacturing floor and 800 square feet of warehouse, we are able to provide circuit board manufacturing for a broad array of customers and applications.